Help us solve our most pressing problems.

Commit to a genuine and intellectual honest engagement with our most important issues, fostering open-minded dialogue with peers, stakeholders and champions of change.

Our Initiative

Our Initiative

IMPACTpsf is a non-profit and non-partisan organization dedicated to understanding today’s most pressing social and political issues and promoting viable actions for positive change.

We share events and news as a means for you to be educated on the facts, histories, stories and statistics behind these issues. There is no lasting improvement to our most pressing issues without this sort of study and understanding.

Our Initiative

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We are committed to bring you news and information about the current issues facing all Americans. As much as possible we present them in an impartial manner, hoping that through our forums and events, Impact will serve as a lens through which these issues can be viewed from different perspectives.

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Our team is dedicated to providing helpful insights on how to positively contribute to the ever-changing fast-paced lifestyle, dedication to growth, and economic strength and resilience that are New York’s signature.
Our team strives to make a difference amidst the diverse challenges in a technology hub that has seen strong economic growth and innovation while grappling with major issues including homelessness and high costs of living.


We understand there are common challenges and concerns that unite us everywhere. Our team is dedicated to exploring and fully understanding these challenges and the opportunities that come with them.

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Alterations to the epigenome can significantly contribute to aging and disease, impacting not only our lifespan, but our healthspan. Research on epigenetic alterations is accelerating, and that knowledge is creating treatments and mechanisms that will dramatically impact human longevity.

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I believe that we must understand and engage with the great social problems of our era to achieve lasting progress. I commit to developing a robust understanding of the issues, promoting fact and analysis over partisanship and ideology.