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Poker For Charity - Impact Public Service Fund

7:00 pm Kickoff.

You'll get a url for your seat. No downloads; no zoom. Thx to our sponsors.

Join us via google meet if you want to chit chat, hear sound of chips shuffling, and experience a professional comedian, Al, perform his debut poker commentating performance.

8:15 pm Thinning of the herd.

The final table url will be sent to those who have made it.

Observers welcome while the final 10 compete for 5 prizes and permanent fame. Al will have warmed up and be at his finest.

9:30 pm We say our goodbyes.

Winners choose their trophies, crap bets on whether we're in person next year or not. Thx to our sponsors.


What to Expect

We are coming together as a community to help rebuild both big and small. During a fractured time, people are paramount. This community is special not only because of the individuals and the companies standing behind us but the causes we all care about. Chip in and show up for your friends, the mission, the poker, and the prospect of us all coming back together in person again. There’s a lot to rebuild. Let’s make a dent together.

Charity Co-Hosts

Fast Facts

50 Players competing for a good cause and 5 great prizes.

2 Rounds about 1 hour each. Winners from Round 1 go to the Final Table.

Texas Hold ’em no Limit. All proceeds go to charity. Prizes donated by sponsors.

Non-profits are the host. All proceeds go to 501(c) 3s to support their programming.


A special thank you to our sponsor Nifty Gateway for donating original crypto art Venus by Steven Baltay. 


Estimated value +$600

Interview with the co-Founder of Nifty Gateway and the Artist:

Venus by Steven Baltay.

Because you've asked...

If you’d like to sit with a player or group of players you can. Just email us at with the names of the players in your group. 

The Impact Public Service Fund and Girls to Grandmasters are the non-profit hosts of this event. Proceeds support their organizations. Consult your accountant on deductibility of your support.  We’re happy to provide a letter!

Poker & Charity Pros Playing Include:

Dakota Diggs
Alydaar Rangwala
Andrew Salamon 
Gabriel Drapos
Sandesh Kataria
Duncan Cock Foster
Danny  Rohde
Nicole Maffeo
Sid Sathe
Ethan  Wolf

Nic Poulos
Craig Reeson
Gary Bornstein
Liam Roecklein
Rob Puff
Tiffany Wong
Michael Puff
Jake Esse
Karsten McVay
Michael Kopko

Last Year's Chess for Charity Event Highlights