The Challenge:

As we head into an election year in the U.S., the world feels more chaotic than ever. While data tells of the most abundant time in human history – extreme conflicts around the world, sharply, and persistently, remind us just how much work there is left to do. Voices online, and within our own local communities, are divisive, and at times extreme. There are far too few safe spaces to speak to others with differing points-of-view about society’s challenges and conflicts. Far too spaces where we can learn from others, instead of confirming our own biases.

The Mission:

At Impact, we believe in the value of 360 degree conversations.
Conversations that take all voices into account. All facts.
Conversations that led with empathy, curiosity, and a desire to improve the world around us.
In the U.S., that means pushing past our polarizing partisan political dialogue, and engaging in non-partisan discourse that can at times, be uncomfortable, but necessary, rewarding and invaluable.

The Action:

In 2024, Impact is launching the Impact Public Service Fund University Fellowship Program. The goal of the program is designed to support rising community leaders in their goal of building and/or leading a student group, organization, nonprofit or initiative that facilitates non-partisan / 360-degree conversations on civic and social issues through mentorship and strategic support.

The Fellowship:

  • 12 month program 
  • 4 sessions with an Impact Expert Mentor – Providing support in facilitating non-partisan conversation and strategic programmatic approach
  • 4 sessions with an Impact Board Mentor  – Providing support in organizational principles, execution tactics for building an organization or community group
  • SEO & Website Support – $5,000 of website and SEO development support (200 hours)
  • Opportunity to publish 2 Articles on the Impact Public Service Fund Site
  • Trip to participate in Impact Board Meeting or Event – (flights + hotel if needed)
  • $500 cash stipend
  • Career mentorship / guidance


  • Ages 18-24
  • Currently enrolled as a student 
  • Currently leading or planning an organization, student group, or initiative with the goal of promoting non-partisan conversations within the community or school


Please contact: