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Independent News & Journalism

Isaac Saul
March 15, 2023

Isaac Saul is a journalist and the founder of Tangle, an independent, ad-free, and non-partisan media company. Tangle aims to provide readers with a balanced and nuanced perspective on the news, by presenting multiple viewpoints and encouraging civil discourse.

As a proponent of independent news and journalism, Saul has spoken out about the need for media outlets to be transparent about their funding and political affiliations, in order to maintain credibility and trust with their readers. He has also emphasized the importance of fact-checking and rigorous reporting in the face of misinformation and “fake news.”

Saul has argued that the current media landscape is too often dominated by partisan or sensationalized reporting, which can polarize readers and erode trust in the media. By offering a non-partisan and independent perspective, he believes that Tangle and other media outlets can help to bridge political divides and foster informed and civil discourse.


Longevity & Genetics

Andrea Baccarelli

Andrea Baccarelli is a physician and epidemiologist who has conducted research on the relationship between genetics and longevity. In his research, Baccarelli has explored how environmental factors can influence gene expression and impact the aging process.

One area of Baccarelli’s research has focused on epigenetics, which refers to changes in gene expression that are not caused by alterations in the DNA sequence. Epigenetic changes can be influenced by environmental factors, such as exposure to toxins or stress, and can affect a person’s health and lifespan.

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