Issues Brief

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Impact Climate

Investing for Climate Change

Join us for a discussion on the science behind climate change, what’s true, and how the private sector can help solve the problem. We’re bringing together leading scientists, investors, and thinkers to address an important topic for generations to come.

Impact Jobs: The Future of Work

The fault lines of the future of work are emerging. Artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation predict wealth and productivity. 


Comey Interview Transcript Redacted​

Former FBI Director James Comey stood tall when he found himself at the center of an unparalleled political firestorm. 

Transportation Infrastructure And A Nation’s Economic Growth, An Undeniable Interlink

Transportation & Infrastructure - 2017

Transport infrastructure and economic growth are intertwined. A robust transportation system is a catalyst for economic growth and development.

Infrastructure Dinner

US Infrastructure

Impact sat down to dinner with leading infrastructure experts to discuss the status of major infrastructure systems in the US. 

Immigration Policy

Impact Borders

Watch Border Mini-Documentary The Impact Public Service Fund exists to promote effective government of, for, and by the people. 

Criminal Justice Reform

Issue Brief: Prisons

The culmination of a 6-month effort to highlight issues surrounding prison reform.

Impact Forum V: Elections

Issue Brief: Election Systems

Civic Hall was the fitting backdrop for this expert panel discussion on election reform. Learn more on the Election Reform Issues page.



Impact NYC hosted the Impact Jobs events. We’ve discussed all sides of workplace automation.