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Impact Forum V: Elections - Impact Public Service Fund

Impact Forum V: Elections

Impact Forum V: Elections

Our 5th Impact Forum was held on September 14, 2016 at Civic Hall, NYC’s foremost center for civic technology & innovation, on the topic of Elections. Election Systems are best understood by the rules and incentives constructed around them. Evaluating the United States’ and New York’s Electoral Systems reveals a series of important policy choices that will shape what our electorate will look like in the coming decades. Impact Elections will dig into key question such as: How does money predict elections? How will technology shape voting of the future? Does the current voting system fundamentally fail certain segments of our country’s population? What can voting systems from other nations tell us about options for change?

Impact Experts composing the panel at Elections included: Ann Ravel (Federal Elections Commissioner), Gustavo Rivera (New York State Senator), James Bopp (Plaintiff’s Attorney for Citizens United v. FEC), Richard Briffault (Professor, Columbia Law School), the legal advisor to Stephen Colbert’s Presidential Campaign, the President of the NYC Campaign Finance Board, and more.

We’re sorry you missed the event, but here are some resources to help you catch up on the conversation:

ImpactNYC wrote an issue brief on the future of our election system that you can read here


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