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Adriana Guzman

Executive Producer, Booking & Planning, Cheddar News

Adriana is currently the head of booking at Cheddar News, covering the latest in business, culture, media, technology & innovation. Since launching in 2016, Cheddar has been breaking the mold of traditional news with an authentic voice and fresh perspective that reflects the diversity, energy and intellectual curiosity of its viewers.

In her role, Adriana leads a team of producers, securing A-List CEOs, politicians, celebrities, newsmakers and more for daily live broadcast interviews. Adriana also plays a key role in the newsroom’s forward-thinking and planning around major news and cultural events.

Prior to joining Cheddar, Adriana held various roles in news & entertainment at the national network level with ABC/Univision, and CBS Entertainment.

Adriana graduated magna cum laude from Marymount Manhattan College. 

Born and raised in Miami, Florida she currently resides in Wilton, CT with her husband and young daughter.

What causes are you most passionate about?
The failings of our criminal justice system — How to combat the climate crisis — and clearer, more humane immigration policies.

Who is a real life hero of yours?
My mom! Becoming a parent gave me such renewed appreciation for working mothers, and my mom specifically. She always made it look easy, though I now know it very much wasn’t. She instilled in me the belief that women can have it all — a successful career you give your all to, while proudly raising a family. 

What do you think some of the most pressing problems we face are?
Combatting the “fake news” epidemic and how to control the spread of disinformation.As well as the need for a close examination and overhaul of paid family leave in this country.