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Aldo Aguirre

Aldo is an operations and programs professional in the tech and community industry, currently working as Global Program Manager for Facebook’s Community Accelerator as part of the Facebook partnerships team. Previously, he led the Community team in the Americas for venture capital firm Techstars, and before that he founded a couple of tech & service businesses. Aldo is a self-proclaimed people enabler, and focuses on helping others achieve great things. Born in Mexico City and raised in Chihuahua (Mexico), Aldo has had the opportunity to support individuals, startups, communities, governments and corporations across the world as they explore innovation, growth, community building and more. Aldo graduated from Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico, with a BA in Business Creation and development. 

What causes are you most passionate about?
I’m really passionate about entrepreneurship and community. Giving people the power to build incredible things and at the same time build a future for themselves and those around them is one of the most powerful things we can do. I’ve also found that it is easier to overcome challenges and find ways of enjoying our lives when you seek and find your community. 

If you could make one improvement in the world what would it be?
Equal access to opportunities for all. 

What ideas or efforts do you think will or have changed the world the most?
Access to Internet (for better and for worse)