Impact is built and driven by leaders who feel a responsibility and duty to improve our civic life and discourse. They come from various backgrounds with differing views and perspectives but all share the common bond that objective analysis, open minds, and hard work are the key ingredients to progress.

Fabio Salim

Fabio has held multiple entrepreneurial executive positions in several companies, with a proven track-record in creating impact, delivering results and building strong teams and organizations. Since 2020, he is the COO at CB Insights, where he is responsible for the go-to-market activities and teams, Previously, he held multiple C-Level roles at Gympass, and he played a key role in helping the company in its accelerated growth process. This includes leading the expansion of the business to Europe and to the US, structuring global teams of strategy, operations, global sales and marketing to enable scalable growth, and opening and scaling up new business units. Before that, he was a Senior Management Associate at Bridgewater Associates for 3+ years, working in the space of management systemization and transformation. He also held the CFO position at TG Agroindustrial (portfolio company from Angra Partners where he also did private equity investing), and Investment Banking at Itau-Unibanco. He holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School (Class of 2013) and a Bachelor of Economics degree from Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp).

What causes are you most passionate about?

While there are many causes that matter, I believe that improving the access to quality education is what probably can create the most leverage to solve all other causes and issues. I mean education in a broad sense, not only in academic terms. I see creating conditions for people to better understand how the world works and what they are like to be a critical step towards self-evolution. Also, it is a great way to have a critical approach to understand what the reality of each situation is, what are the gaps to what should/could be, and to find solutions to mitigate such gaps. Finally, I strongly believe in the transformational power of education to lift our emotional intelligence, sense of empathy and compassion in order to evolve as a society and to get to better ideas and solutions through constructive discussions

My ideal future world includes…

Quality access to food, housing, education and healthcare for all people

What do you think some of the most pressing problems we face are?

Lack of alignment on what is true (e.g. fake news, misinformation, excessive polarization of opinions), climate change, inequality in terms of opportunity, income, social rights, and access to basic conditions