Impact is built and driven by leaders who feel a responsibility and duty to improve our civic life and discourse. They come from various backgrounds with differing views and perspectives but all share the common bond that objective analysis, open minds, and hard work are the key ingredients to progress.

Mathew Borja

Mathew recently joined Bloomberg’s financial solutions division, where he is responsible for product support, lead creation, and assisting clients with terminal functionality. Prior to Bloomberg, Mathew was a Portfolio Analyst Intern at New York Life Investments, where he created DCF models and constructed reports covering the markets and global economy. In parallel to this Matt started his own clothing brand, Toasty is a lifestyle brand that aims to appeal to youth culture while incorporating NYC culture. Outside of work, Mathew enjoys going to the gym and snowboarding. Mathew holds a B.S. from Baruch College in New York City.

What causes are you most passionate about?
– Education, financial literacy, criminal justice reform, hunger & poverty.

Who is a real life hero of yours?
– My father is my idol, despite the fact that it may sound cliche. My father, who immigrated from Ecuador in his early twenties with little education, money, or English comprehension, was able to defy the odds and create his own business. For the past 15 years, he has successfully run his own bakery. My father is an example of a risk-taker, entrepreneur, hero.

If you could make one improvement in the world what would it be?
– We need to improve how society treats animals. Animal testing, breed-specific legislation, and overcrowded shelters are all contributing to a situation that cannot be resolved without significant reform. I don’t think this problem has a single solution. The best approach to creating a solid foundation is through education. Give people the knowledge they need to make better decisions.