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Natalie Baer

Natalie currently works in the technology industry on the west coast. She was previously at the White House Office of Management and Budget and is a Fulbright Scholar. During her Fulbright, she conducted organic farming research in China and volunteered with the Beijing Farmers Market. Outside of work, Natalie assists with business plan review for Mentor Capital Network, a nonprofit that supports for-profit social entrepreneurs. She also has experience consulting to startups, primarily in the social entrepreneurship space. In addition, she is an avid reader and trail runner. Natalie holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and an MA and BA from Johns Hopkins University and speaks Mandarin and French.

What causes are you most passionate about?

Environmental impact: With the rapid growth in population and in humankind’s footprint, the impact on the environment has been extreme. I believe strongly that there is so much we can do now to begin reducing and reversing that tragic impact.

Educational opportunities: To raise responsible stewards for our planet and leaders for our societies, we must give children the opportunity to learn the tools to problem solve, empathize, and remain determined in the face of challenges. I believe these begin with a strong and compassionate education system.

What do you think some of the most pressing problems we face are?

Climate change, misinformation and propaganda, wealth gap, healthcare crisis

My ideal future world includes…

Basic healthcare for all