Impact is built and driven by leaders who feel a responsibility and duty to improve our civic life and discourse. They come from various backgrounds with differing views and perspectives but all share the common bond that objective analysis, open minds, and hard work are the key ingredients to progress.

Nick Walker

Nick is the cofounder & CEO of a startup focused on exporting luxury Brazilian products in the liquor space. Prior to founding Cãna/the East Brazil Company, Nick worked for Animal Ventures as a Supply Chain consultant applying innovative technologies to solve complex supply chain business problem. As a consultant at AV he wore multiple hats and worked directly with the C-Suite of many Fortune 500s and helped executive navigate the challenges of applying new technologies. In parallel to this Nick is also a principal of Ark Chain, a cryptocurrency hedgefund with over $10M in AUM. That said, the first stop on his career was at Bridgewater Associates as a young Management Associate in their rotational program where he met most of the other Impact Board Members & leaders. Nick holds a B.S. from Georgetown University in Washington D.C. You can learn more about at

If you could make one improvement in the world what would it be?

I would fix the education system by making it high quality, free and accessible to all regardless of background. This would have enormous 2nd/3rd order consequences for politics, the economy, and innovation.

Who is a real life hero of yours?

At the risk of sounding cliché my mother is an example of a fighter, entrepreneur, hero. What she went through in her life, rising far above what anyone expected of her (her family comes from the poorest state in Brazil and would be considered below the poverty line until her mid-20s), is frankly an example on how to get up and fight another day regardless of the “challenge”. 

What ideas or efforts do you think will or have changed the world the most?

This might be a bit too basic, but the concept of the number Zero. Historians recognize it’s been around since the Babylonians but it wasn’t a part of Western thinking until the 12th Century when Fibonacci wrote about it in “Liber Abaci.” Thanks to this inclusion, were we able to advance everything “modern” from algebra to quantum physics and rocket science to the most important: binary code. 

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