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The Nassau County Gavel Club ( was started by Rosanna Gao, a 15 year old who attends Great Neck South High School on Long Island, NY. This club is an affiliate of Toastmasters International and helps students (Elementary-High school) develop their public speaking and leadership skills. So far, they have had over 250+ students from North and South America join their club! Each meeting consists of students giving speeches, taking on leadership roles, and answering impromptu questions. These activities will benefit students as they participate in competitions such as DECA and Model Congress, Presentations at school, and the Interview process for College. Furthemore, the Gavel Club has attended and connected Toastmasters and Gavel Clubs from all over the world including multiple states in the US, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and London. Many legislators and officials of the New York Senate have joined their meetings as Guest Speakers.

The NC Gavel Club team consists of a diverse group of passionate High Schoolers such as Rosanna Gao, Iris Liu, Abisa Osei-Amankwah, Eileen Shum, Matthew Lahren, Jing Deng, Nicolette Polena, Kevin Ou, Angela Wu, Jessie Dong, and Aiden Ackerman from multiple schools in New York. Their mission is not only to improve student’s public speaking and leadership skills, but also give back to their community and build confident leaders as they combat the number one fear in the world: public speaking. Furthemore, Rosanna is an advocate for Asian representation in Theatre and media and began Music For Change ( as a way to spread positivity and hope during difficult times through Music. She hopes more students will join the Gavel Club because the ability to use your voice and demand change can combat issues that are happening in our world. 

If any Elementary-High School students are interested in joining the NC Gavel Club please visit and Music For Change please visit


  • Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube: @ncgavelclub 


  • Instagram and Tik Tok: @music_forchange
  • Youtube and Facebook: @Music For Change 


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