The “Come-To-Me Economy”: An Immutable Lifestyle Evolution

I haven’t had a cold in months. I haven’t had to commute to the office, nor travel for business. If I want, my groceries can be delivered with just a click. The same holds true for any medicines I may need, or books, or home goods… really, almost anything can now be delivered to my front door. Yes, this lockdown was rough–for me and for everyone–but it has shown that there isn’t much I actually have to go to. Instead, everything can come to me.

Thanks to COVID-19 and a world thrust into chaos, we live in a changed world. As I wrote in my upcoming book, “Project Bold Life: The Proven Formula for Taking On Challenges and Achieving Happiness and Success”, suffering and setbacks are part of the human equation, and the pandemic has certainly given us plenty of both! We now know that the threat of pandemic is real, and the costs when one hits are significant. The World Health Organization announced that COVID-19 will require a new way of living until a vaccine is available, and as a result, businesses had to switch from an office-based existence to a remote workforce. All travel related to work was reduced to nil, while the notion of attending a conference or client dinner was (and remains) simply out of the question until science comes up with a vaccine or cure. COVID-19 has changed everything! 


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