The History of Border Walls in the USA

The History of Border Walls in the USA

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The Impact Public Service Fund exists to promote effective government of, for, and by the people. When a citizen’s ability to get straight answers on issues that affect them is compromised, Impact is here to help.

To that end, our team is launching an original video series: Impact Spotlight. Each 15-minute piece will arm you with the facts you need to be be a part of the global dialogue on a key topic of the day. No agenda, no spin—we don’t care what your opinion is, as long as it’s informed.

Our first video, “The Worlds Busiest Border,” addresses the US-Mexico Border. For decades, politicians have used the Southwestern border to frame arguments around immigration, jobs, security, and more. In contrast, we get straight to the facts: what when did the border come about, what’s actually there today, who’s crossed it, what effect do our laws have?

We hope you’ll use this and future Impact Spotlight videos as a platform to develop your own civic expertise and engagement. Either way, please let us know what you think. Like the American government itself, in the Impact community, your opinion doesn’t just matter—it’s all that matters.


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